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M-Help Me awarded the Best Traffic Police award from the Public Voting results (P.O. Box list, 3SD News 28).

Mr. Prasit Jiaokok Project Chairman restores you Earth/พล.ต.ต. Jiron glass light.../พ.ต.อ. Kittipol Nont Deputy traffic police commander Summary of traffic troubleshooting work results M-Help Me Application for the month of April 2562 in the past month, our list of applications is discussed. M-Help...
M-help MePress releaseVideo

You prasit activities The project "volunteers make good to the land" to offer the Lord Majesty in the occasion of the coronation ceremony (clip).

Prasit Jeawkok The project president "returned to the Earth" The founder of Trade association, service and product integration The project "volunteer to do Good to Earth" to offer the Lord is Majesty in the occasion of the coronation ceremony by representatives of 10 provinces. Government agencies-private...
M-help MePress releaseVideo

Press conference project, you "volunteer for the Earth", do good

You prasit The project President "Volunteer for the Earth" said that because of the occasion of the coronation ceremony in May, it was a very important moment for the Thai people to be together as one to show the power of loyalty. The public and private sectors of the Government have been engaged in the activities of the Royal Thai people who have been in the whole land, starting from ourselves. The community is organized to distribute yellow shirts, symbols of 200, or a badge...
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M-Help Me Innovative, reduced traffic issues

The most disruptive problem for the city is that there is no problem with a long-lasting impact of the vehicle, whether it's going to work, that may be delayed. Travel to any business that may be wrong with the appointment, and most importantly, pollution issues are dangerous and will affect the life of the city most people. The latest Metropolitan police have been holding hands on a private sector, launching the M-help me application to help fix the vehicle problems. It also provides a quick note when someone is on the road traffic rules. Source: Click...
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Application M help Me (list P.O. Box, 3SD News 28)

Application M help Me (list P.O. Box 3SD 28) Traffic is very dense in the car, so there is no problem with the fix. Even some areas have police officers. It's convenient to have a lot of car space and the area has many routes. The park way with traffic police officers is not enough. So, as a preliminary solution,
P.O. Box list News 3
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P.O. Box list, 3SD News 28 (app M-Help Me)

Application M-Help Me Thanks to the P.O. Box list. The 3rd news is another way to promote an application to the people of the application. Thank you very much Download apps at 👉🏻 #โหลดไว้ให้ชีวิตปลอดภัย #MHelpMe #แก้ปัญหารถติด ====================== 🥇 Thank you, Prasit, the project president, "Return you Earth" and the author and copyright owner M-Help Me 🌐
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